1. Pat 2010.05.07 02:31 신고  modify  comment

    Hey love the game can't put it down but i was wondering what the max upgrade level is for the units.

  2. Nick 2010.04.08 13:20 신고  modify  comment

    Really great game, though I have a suggestion: Please, Please, PLEASE add seperate class selection! As in you choose to move your archers seperately, or your swordsmen seperately, etc.

    Think about it: You're losing a battle up front. Your want to save your archers, but you know it's too late for your swordsmen. If seperate class selection was added, you could then retreat the archers, whilst leaving the swordsmen behind to hold them off. How cool would that be!??!

    Anyway, awesome game, I must say. I'm really loving it.

  3. Dean 2010.02.12 13:56 신고  modify  comment

    It glitches up when I hit continue. And the boss level is 2 hard any help?

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